Women are told a lot of things about sex. If you have sex too soon or too late, if you have sex with the wrong person, if you have sex with the right person but you are not ready, if you have sex for the wrong reasons, if you have sex in the wrong way, if you want sex too much or too little, if you feel too much or not enough, if you don’t love the person, if you do love the person but they don’t love you, if they love you, if you are not monogamous, if you are not married, if you are married, if you are drunk, if you are high, if you are sober, if you ask for sex, if you cannot ask for sex, if you are too easy or too hard to get, if you are ugly, if you are disabled, if you are queer, if you are sloppy, if you are not white, if you are kinky, if you are alone, if you have an STI, if you hate anal, if you want your partner to come on your face, if you like being spanked, if you pay for sex, if you get paid for sex, if sex changes you or if sex has no impact on who you are beyond tonight, beyond this kiss, beyond this paragraph… you are doing sex wrong. Feminist erotica does not have all the answers but it asks the question feminists have been struggling with for years: is there a right kind of sex? As long as sex is safe and consensual, does it matter what we are doing? Do our fantasies matter, and how much, and why?

Girl Has Sex, World Doesn’t End: Reconceptualizing Feminist Erotica - Ella Dawson

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